We first opened for business in 1993 with Sling Shot Delivery Service. STARS & STRIPES TRANSPORT began HOT SHOT FREIGHT SERVICES in Houston in 2004. We are a family owned and operated business. Growth in our services resulted in the need for larger equipment and an expanded service area. We are now able to satisfy our customers with deliveries of SMALL pieces and OVERSIZED loads. Although they are separate companies Stars & Stripes Transport and Sling Shot Delivery share the same roof. This creates an ALL-IN-ONE freight service company for our customers. FLEXIBILITY between our companies gives us the key to providing a great service.
Our offices are located in NW Houston. LOCALLY we provide hot shot delivery services to HARRIS and surrounding counties. Hot Shot LONG DISTANCE deliveries are extended to 48 states. Honesty, dedication, and providing a great service at a competitive price is our Standard Operating Procedure. Our experienced dispatchers and professional drivers will ensure your freight is delivered on-time safely. Stars & Stripes Transport values the needs of our customers and their clients. When it comes to getting urgent freight, equipment, machinery and critical parts transported quickly and effectively, there is no substitute for Stars & Stripes Transport.
Driving our growth and success has been our commitment to our employees and our focus on safety and customer satisfaction. We understand that customers are easy to lose and hard to replace. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS ALWAYS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Everyone at Stars & Stripes Transport will go that extra mile for you and your customers. Our representatives are skilled professionals in freight logistics. Our excellent HOT SHOT DELIVERY SERVICE saves you time and money. Excellent communications skills between our staff and our customers are rewarded with a superior Hot Shot Trucking service. When your products are needed now, Stars & Stripes Transport delivers. We are a small company, but our services are very competitive. Our owners are hands-on with the day to day services that we provide. The occasional surprise situations are remedied immediately to maintain our customers trust and it's always to their satisfaction.
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